x 邀请奖励 Invitation reward
邀请你的朋友来玩EOS 德州扑克游戏吧!他们通过以下链接游戏时,你将获得他CHIP币投注额的5%的EPC奖励. Invite your friends to play EOS Texas Hold'em Poker! When they play the game through the following link, you will receive 5% EPC reward for his CHIP coin bet amount. http://texas.eospokers.com/ 登录后显示
x 1. VIP Wallet 是多链数字钱包, DApp生态入口
2. 打开此 链接, 通过手机浏览器扫码下载 VIP Wallet 钱包
3.下载完成后, 打开App, 通过内置扫码功能, 扫描上方二维码进入游戏
1. VIP Wallet is a multi-chain digital wallet, DApp ecological portal
2. Open this lin k download the VIP Wallet App from mobile browser
3.After the download is complete, open the app, use the built-in scan code function, scan the QR code above to enter the game.